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Walter Dyck’s Crop Reports

Each month Walter Dyck, with more than 25 years of experience working with mustard seed growers in Canada, Europe and the US, shares his insights as to the state of the mustard seed crop in North America and how the market is shaping up. If you would like to pose a question to Walter, please email him at Come back here to see his responses.

November 4, 2019

The 2019 mustard harvest is now virtually complete in Canada and USA after repeated stops and starts caused by the cool wet months of September and October. The biggest disruption to the mustard harvest is in northeastern North Dakota where there is no doubt grades and quality will be affected by damage. Damage includes sprouted,… Read More

August 15, 2019

We will have having a later harvest this year. This June was cool and dry; delaying the planting process. Due to this delay in June we are still two to three weeks from the start of the general mustard harvest in Canada and USA. However, a few Olds contract growers did start their mustard harvest… Read More

July 12, 2019

I hope your summer is going well. In general, the prospects for an average mustard yield for 2019 have improved greatly in the past month. Late spring rains came to most of the mustard growing areas in Canada/USA. Before that the stress from a cold, dry Spring plus flea beetle pressure was very apparent on… Read More

April 10, 2019

Just a year ago Canada was facing brown mustard shortages and unless growers then came through with more acres and decent yields the world would be out in a matter of months. The growers in Canada came through. A year earlier (2017) it was much the same for yellow and oriental as the world faced… Read More

January 17, 2019

I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year and I look forward to working with you again in 2019. We hope to begin our 2019 contracting program next week. The plan is to be fairly close to our record total acres we contracted in 2018. Our Yellow and Brown acres will… Read More