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Walter Dyck's Crop Reports

August 19, 2020

The North American 2020 mustard harvest began last week in Montana. Mustard crops in North Dakota and the southern areas of Alberta/Saskatchewan are 1-3 weeks behind while mustard crops further north in Saskatchewan, where Olds has contracted mainly organic yellow mustard, will be harvesting in mid to late September. The next 10 days look quite… Read More

July 14, 2020

Mustard growers in Canada and USA are reporting very good progress thus far with their 2020 crop. There were early season moisture concerns in some large growing areas in Saskatchewan but those have been laid to rest in the past two weeks after several rains that dropped up to five inches over the growing area… Read More

April 24, 2020

We are now through week six of the Covid-19 business shutdown for non-essential services and in that time, other than new broader safety protocols, the mustard industry has seen few problems – at least from our experience. Supply lines that include growers, trucks and the mustard cleaning/storage facility are working very well.  Olds Products is… Read More

December 19, 2019

Current spot mustard bids to growers are higher since last summer in response to lower reported production for 2019 and a higher than normal proportion of damaged yellow mustard caused by repeated September rains in South Central Saskatchewan and Western North Dakota. 2019 mustard acreage reports by Ag Canada and Saskatchewan Ag were decreased by… Read More

November 4, 2019

The 2019 mustard harvest is now virtually complete in Canada and USA after repeated stops and starts caused by the cool wet months of September and October. The biggest disruption to the mustard harvest is in northeastern North Dakota where there is no doubt grades and quality will be affected by damage. Damage includes sprouted,… Read More