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Hey! Greetings from Pleasant Prairie, WI, and thanks for stopping by. As long as you’re here, let us tell you about how we do things at Olds.

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One big, happy family business.

Hey, it’s not complicated: at Olds, our products are made from just a few simple ingredients. And for that matter, so is the secret to our success. Because our business starts by treating everyone like family.

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It’s how we live life, and it’s how we run our company: with an uncompromising work ethic, a firm handshake and a warm smile. From the very beginning at Olds, it was a priority to connect with people on a first name basis.

the business of family

Cultivating friendships with farmers.

We were farm-to-table before that phrase ever entered the lexicon. Why? Because for decades we’ve nurtured and cherished the close relationships we’ve developed with farmers. The care and attention we focus on our people make the business that much better.

field of mustard plants

It’s all about values. At Olds, each and every day, we focus on honesty, responsibility and pride in what we do. It’s about walking the talk and treating people with respect.

It’s about bettering the business through personal connections. It’s about honoring every obligation that comes with success — and making a commitment to not only do things right but do the right thing.

It’s about honoring every step it takes to bring product to your table.

the satisfaction of stewardship

A declaration of independence.

At Olds, there’s a certain freedom that comes with being privately owned. Since we don’t answer to stockholders, boards, and banks, it allows us to invest in long-term growth instead of short-term profit.

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If that means starting a new-from-scratch vinegar venture, so be it. If that means choosing to reinvest, reinvest and reinvest in the business, hey: we can do that, too.

Because when you don’t have to answer to quarterly reports, you’re free to adhere to best practices, protect the business for generations to come and cultivate long-lasting relationships.

the freedom of private ownership
row of mustard and vinegar bottles

Quality. In quantity.

When you’re dedicated to the process, it shows up in the products. And for well over 100 years now, our attention to detail has consistently delivered the highest-quality products you’ll find anywhere. So, go ahead, take a deeper look at our mustards and vinegars. Then let us know how we can help grow your business.

row of mustard and vinegar bottles

Private Label and Contract Pack Mustard

Conventional / Specialty / Non-GMO / Organic

Private Label and Contract Pack Vinegar

White / Apple Cider / White Organic / Apple Cider Organic / Apple Cider Flavored / Raw Apple Cider with the 'Mother'

Ingredient Mustard

Conventional / Specialty / Non-GMO / Organic

Bulk Dry Mustard

Whole Seed / Flours / Brans

Bulk Vinegar*

White / Apple Cider / White Organic / Apple Cider Organic / Apple Cider Flavored / Raw Apple Cider with the 'Mother'

*Available in a variety of grain strengths

The versatility of vinegar – distilled white and apple cider alike – is widely known and heavily documented. From cooking to cleaning and all things in between, a quick internet search would lead you to entire websites dedicated to all of the possible uses! But if you don’t feel like jumping down that rabbit hole, we invite you to explore this short list of our favorites below.

Quick Pickling

Pickling with apple cider vinegar not only adds a mellow, fruity flavor but also many health benefits.

Spritzer for smoked meats

Add extra moisture and flavor to smoking meats by combining equal parts vinegar and water.

All-Purpose Cleaning

Spray vinegar on your furniture, kitchen appliances, windows, and so much more to remove stubborn dirt and stains.


Add vinegar to marinades to make any dish extra tender and flavorful.

Base for homemade sauces and salad dressings

Enhance the texture and flavor of homemade sauces and salad dressings with a little vinegar.

Laundry Assistant

Pour some vinegar into your next load of laundry to eliminate odors and get your clothes extra soft. We promise it won’t smell like vinegar.

Turn a bottle over, and you’ll see OSH stamped on the bottom. That’s not a product code; rather, it’s more the code we do business by. Because OSH stands for “Odie Says, Hey.”

OSH is at the center of our core values of family, honesty, responsibility and pride.

Consider it a personal message from us to give us a call and see what we’re all about. Because all across Olds, we live by the Golden Rule. Treat everyone like we want to be treated, with thoughtfulness and a genuine interest in getting to know them, and always with integrity, respect and kindness. And a hearty “Hey!”