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2017 Crop Reports

December 18, 2017

Since the North American mustard harvest wrapped up in September the market has been anything but quiet as spot prices have rallied for both yellow and brown. The brown rally was first out of the gate and now yellow looks to be moving. Recent bids for brown mustard at the farm have been very strong due to continued stable export demand and lower than average seeded brown acres the past two years.

2016 Crop Reports

November 4, 2016

The completion of the 2016 mustard harvest continues to drag on for approximately 20% of the growers in Alberta and Saskatchewan as they await a drier and warmer weather trend (maybe this week?). Olds Products has several mustard growers in Saskatchewan and Alberta that have their mustard remaining in the field. In all cases the mustard is ripe – quality is good – and growers are waiting for seed moisture levels to come down to more manageable levels.

Gluten Free Seal Introduced

In response to consumer requests, Koops' Mustard has introduced a new All Natural/Gluten Free logo to easily identify product as safe for persons with Ciliac Disease. 

Study suggests celiac disease has quadrupled since 1950s

Click here to read more about the rising trend of Ciliac Disease, an autoimmune disorder triggered by gluten, a protein in wheat, barley, rye and spelt. Currently, the only treatment available is the adoption of a lifelong gluten free diet.

The interesting aspect of this wheat allergy disorder is that it affects the eating habits of the entire family.