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Since 1897, Olds Products, Leaders in MustardFitzpatrick Bros.

Private Label

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The Leader in Private Label/Store Brand Mustard

Olds Products offers a combination of leadership and smart application of resources.

  • We are the recognized leader in store brand mustards.
  • We believe mustard store brands can take a leadership position in the market, and devote time, energy, and resources to that goal.
  • We supply brand equivalent mustards and custom mustard recipes for institutional/ingredient customers.
  • We supply many best in class programs.
  • Olds is the product and/or packaging partner for many national brands.

Olds Products also recognizes the value of the control label market sector. With the ability to apply its recipes, facilities, and forward-looking retail programs to any size retailer, Olds offers control label systems with an unmatched level of quality and service.

Our Objective

We see store brand equity as a valuable asset. With this view, our objective at Olds is to emphasize that distinction by enhancing the store brand image with products, packaging, and service that meets or exceeds the national brand alternative, creating the opportunity for increased sales and, more importantly, profits.


Olds Products is proud to be a recipient of the Category Colonel Gold Award for condiments.  Category Colonels are earned each year by companies that receive the most votes from readers in over 100 different categories. Winners are recognized by leading retail decision-makers as a preferred private-label.   We are honored to received such recognition. 

Our Capabilities - Built on Experience

We supply mustard to multiple classes of trade, including private label, food service, dollar stores, contract pack, ingredient/institutional, fast food, export, and organic. Our list of over 100 recipes is augmented with dozens of made-to-order blends, and we supply clients coast to coast through an efficient nationwide supply chain and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We feature a range of packing formats. After all, we have a reputation for quality as well as innovation, with firsts like tamper-evident packaging and PET squeeze bottles for the specialty market.

Our desire is to become your supplier of choice for private label mustard.

Our clients value Olds Products for:

  • Quality
  • Expertise
  • Creativity

Specialty mustards from Olds Products are stone ground from high-quality mustard seed and artfully blended with select ingredients. From traditional favorites such as Dijon and Spicy Brown; new standards like Honey and Horseradish; and exciting new flavors such as our Arizona Heat are all proven private label winners.  Consider our classic-style Yellow Mustard: eminently smooth, available in four convenient sizes including features like tamper evident packaging and a waste reducing flat cap.  It's a market leader in both taste and presentation.

Olds Products supplies mustard to various classes of trade:

  • Private label
  • Food service
  • Contract pack
  • Dollar stores
  • Ingredient / institutional
  • Fast-food chains
  • Export
  • Organic

A variety of packing formats:

  • Yellow Squeeze Bottles
  • PET Squeeze Bottles
  • Spoonable Jars
  • Bag-in-a-Box
  • 55 gal/450# fiber drums
  • 250 gal/2,100# Totes
  • Tankers

Contact us today to learn how our expertise can help you reach your private label goals.