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Since 1897, Olds Products, Leaders in MustardFitzpatrick Bros.

Wholeseed Mustard

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As we have grown so has our need to ensure the quality and supply of our key ingredient: mustard seed. That is why Olds Products Company wants to partner directly with growers to build strong relationships that are mutually beneficial. Farmers know that they have a reliable, secure market for their contracted mustard direct to the manufacturer, while Olds Products ensures the seed quality, pedigree and supply that we need to meet our growing customer demand.

No middleman. No worries.

Mustard is all we do.  Our goal is to do it better than anyone else.

Olds Products Company was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1897.  Since the beginning it has been - and remains - a family owned business committed to fairness and integrity. Our focus is to deliver the highest quality product in all that we do.

Located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, Olds Products features a state-of-the-art mustard manufacturing facility featuring high speed, redundant production lines for made-to-order production. With our own in-house product development and quality assurance staff and facilities, we have the ability to control the quality of our product from concept to delivery.

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