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Since 1987, Koops' Mustard, All Natural Ingredients and Gluten Free!


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In 1897, Peter Koops left a successful shipping business in the Netherlands to find fortune and adventure in America.  He began simply with a hand-cranked mustard mill.  Using only the freshest ingredients and good taste he developed great tasting mustards. He took his product to market simply, as well, with a horse-drawn cart serving out his mustard by the ladleful to loyal customers.  But it was Koops' attention to detail and hands-on approach that made his mustard a popular favorite.

While our packaging and delivery systems have evolved, our attention to carefully made, stone-ground recipes that Peter Koops first developed so many years ago remain the same today.  And like Peter Koops, we seek to deliver the best tasting mustard at the best value.

All Natural Ingredients

You won't find complex chemical components in Koops' mustards.  We use only 100% natural ingredients.  

And all of our products are 100% Gluten Free.

Koops' Mustard Flavors

A family of products, over a century of knowledge. With specialty mustards from Olds Products, quality and tradition are part of our recipes.

  • Dijon
    French blend of brown and yellow mustard seed, touched with white wine and ground to a smooth, velvety texture  -  Buy Now
  • Honey Mustard
    Finely ground mustard with a smooth consistency naturally flavored with honey for a sweet, mild taste  -  Buy Now
  • Horseradish
    Coarsely milled brown mustard blended with the zesty taste of horseradish - a hot and spicy favorite  -  Buy Now
  • Deli Style/Spicy Brown
    An old world recipe that uses coarsely ground seed for a subtle boldness that is distinctly American - a great addition to any sandwich  -  Buy Now
  • Arizona Heat
    A little "bite" of the Southwest - red and green peppers are blended into our fine, stone-ground mustard for a truly unique flavor that starts off sweet on the front of the tongue and finishes with a perfectly balanced, spicy hot kick on the back  -  Buy Now
  • Stone Ground
    A coarse-ground mustard with a good tangy zip like our smooth-grind Dijon and full, robust mustard flavor that matches its rich texture  - Buy Now
  • Düsseldorf
    It's what Brats Dream Of™ - a traditional German pub mustard with a creamy, smooth consistency - the perfect compliment for your barbequed bratwurst  -  Buy Now
  • Yellow Mustard
    Our smooth, mellow mustard that is a true American masterpiece  -  Buy Now


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