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Olds Products

Leaders in Mustard

  • Established in 1897, Olds Products blends a rich tradition of mustard quality and innovation with decades of private label experience.
  • Today Olds Products is one of the world's largest mustard manufacturers with a commitment to leadership in the category.  We offer the best quality products, packaging, and service for both the mustard retailer and consumer.
  • We serve all markets, from Own Brand product sold at the store level on up to bulk mustard shipped in tankers.
  • Olds Products has made mustard exclusively for over a century. It's all we've ever done, and it's all we do today.
  • Our dedication to tradition, taste, character, and value makes our mustards a smart and effective alternative to national brands.

Fitzpatrick Bros.

Leaders in Cleansers

  • Fitzpatrick Bros. introduced Kitchen Klenzer, the original scouring powder, in 1893. Bab-O soon followed in 1894. And Old Dutch was trademarked in 1905.
  • Largest producer of private label and control label cleansers
  • Offer Contract Packaging services